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Tristan Italian Threads - Featuring the finest quality threads from Cucirini Tre Stelle
Our Threads >> Genziana Cotton Mako Threads


Genziana Cotton Mako

When you’re sewing with high quality fabrics you need a high quality thread. Genziana has that quality and is used by professional machine embroiderers, fine linen companies and quilters.

Genziana Cotton Mako 50wt (red core) Genziana Cotton Mako 50wt (red core)

Click on the spool
to view the colors

(PDF) 1422yd spools

Genziana Cotton Mako 50wt
(red core) 1422yds

Genziana Cotton Mako from Cucirini Tre Stelle is the preferred thread used in quilts, fashion, machine embroidery, lace and fine Italian linens. With this exceptional quality, quilters and sewers are amazed with the low lint, strength and sheen of this beautiful thread.

Cotton Mako 40wt (green core) Cotton Mako 40wt (green core)

click on the spool
to view the colors
(PDF) 1094yd spools

Genziana Cotton Mako 40wt
(green core) 1094yds

Long staple Egyptian cotton thread for machine quilting, embroidery and lace making

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